QuantiChrom Urea Assay Kit

Product name: Urea test kit

Detection method: colourimetric

Example type

Cell culture supernatant, urine, serum, plasma, tissue extracts, cell lysate

Test type: Quantitative

Sensitivity: > 0.5 nmol/well

Range: 0.5 nmol/well – 5 nmol/well

Rehearsal time: 1h00m

Product Description

The ab83362 Urea Assay Kit is a rapid, simple, sensitive and reliable assay used to quantify urea in a variety of samples such as serum, plasma and urine etc. It can be used as a blood urea nitrogen test kit (BUN test kit). In the urea assay protocol, enzymes act on urea to form a product that reacts with a probe to generate colour (ODmax=570nm). The absorbance is directly proportional to the concentration of urea in the solution. The kit can detect as little as 0.5 nmol per well or 10 µM of urea.

  • Urea Assay Protocol Summary:
  • add samples and standards to wells
  • add the reaction mixture and incubate for 60 min at 37ºC
  • analyze with a microplate reader


This product is manufactured by BioVision, an Abcam company and was formerly called the K375 Urea Colorimetric Assay Kit. K375-100 is the same size as the ab83362 test size 100.

Platform: microplate reader


Storage instructions

Store at -20°C. Consult the protocols.


Urea is a waste product that is produced in the liver, dissolved in the blood (at a concentration of 2.5 to 7.5 mM), and secreted by the kidneys. Urea also plays a very important role in protein catabolism, the removal of toxic ammonia from the body, and the countercurrent system that allows the reabsorption of water and critical ions in the nephrons.

Alternative names

  • carbamide
  • carbonyldiamide
  • carbonyldiamine

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